Shongram (struggle) is a romantic drama set during the 1971 liberation struggle of Bangladesh.

A British Bengali on his death bed is interviewed by a daring London reporter, where four decades later, Karim is able to recall and finally share his past. 

We are transported to 1971, when Bangladesh was still East Pakistan and a young Karim (a Muslim) is in love with a beautiful Asha (a Hindu).  The peaceful village life is suddenly interrupted by war and Karim must grow up fast to survive in an era where mass killings and abduction was common.  He must also carry out his duty and revenge before he can finally search for Asha.

With an international crew from the UK to Berlin and an international cast, India, UK, Bangladesh, the Shongram production kicked off with a flying start in the region rural and semi-rural parts of Sylhet (Bangladesh). 

The Bangladesh 1971 era has largely been missed by the world, and this is a brilliant opportunity, with a first production of it’s kind – aimed at the international audience- we are able to share an untold story, of love, pain, struggle and sacrifice.  Given the widespread international global communities and that at least one if fifty person on the planet is a Bangladesh (according to the US White House), it has never been a better time to go mainstream with a story that has direct and indirect effects and consequences of the post British empire era to the current global struggles faced today!

Producer / Writer / Director Munsur Ali flew out from the UK with his senior crew including DOP Lorenzo Levrini.  “It was truly a memorable, exciting and challenging time to shoot in a mostly remote rural terrain, within a tight deadline and budget, but high expectations!”

The trailer is looking amazing and is currently only viewable for distribution and marketing and not for general release until the final parts of the film have been shot.

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The region of Bengal has a wide and long history, of immense wealth, numerous invasions, a mixing pot of cultures and religions. 

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The cast and crew behind the Shongram project bring a mixture of wealth from the film, music and finance world.