Producer, Writer and Director Munsur Ali recently spoke at London's Richmix on ‘Migration and Culture in London’s East End, 1800 to the Present’ alongside intellectuals and creative minds.

Munsur spoke about the end days of the British Empire and how it was linked to the mass migration from many nations to the UK,  contributing to the rich cultural diversity of London.  The trailer of the movie 'Shongram' was also shown and celebrated at the event.

He also spoke about the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and how migration before and after  the war to London, helped shape the new culture and sub-cultures of London.   

Other speakers included Dr Cathy S. Gelbin (Senior Lecturer in German Studies at Manchester University), Prof. Sander L. Gilman (Professor of the Liberal Arts & Sciences and Psychiatry at Emory University), Rachel Lichtenstein (Writer and artist), Jane Earl (Rich Mix Director) and Ruth Novaczek (Artist and Filmmaker)

"Cultures branch off, evolve, reshape, they include and exclude other elements of their own cultures as wellas other cultures,  we're fortunate to be at a mixing point that makes today's London." said Munsur Ali.

A special screening of 'Shongram' will be taking place in London in early February.